Lecture: The Art of Debugging

Déverminer (déboguer) est, je crois, un sujet sur lequel je n’avais jamais lu jusqu’à maintenant. Travaillant maintenant presque à temps plein sur le projet MLDB, en C++, gdb est un de mes outils de travail au quotidien. Comme la productivité d’un programmeur dépend largement de la maîtrise de ses outils, j’ai décidé d’y consacrer du temps.

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The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse Book Cover

The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse

Norman S. Matloff, Peter Jay Salzman,


No Starch Press




A chrome extension to navigate Github files differently

Last week, I was somewhat complaining that Github’s file navigator was not to my taste. When moving across files and directory, you have to go back and forth a lot. If you quickly want to switch between 2 files not in the same directory, it’s painful. Of course, one could open another tab, but tabbing doesn’t cut it. I wanted something more like a files navigator that we can find in any OS.

Then I though, hey, surely I can simply manipulate the HTML to make it work the way I want. I started coding… 45 minutes later, I had a working prototype of JavaScript code that I could simply paste in the browser console and bang; a nice file tree navigator-like experience right in Github.

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