Python logging to stackdriver

I recently deployed a python application in google app engine / container engine. When I went to check the logs, everything was logged at the “ERROR” level even though my application uses python logging properly. As far as I know there are 2 ways to fix that:

  1. Use the stackdriver client, which requires an additional dependency and somewhat binds your program to google app engine.
  2. Format the logs in a way that stackdriver can parse them, which is easily configurable.

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Lecture: The Art of Debugging

Déverminer (déboguer) est, je crois, un sujet sur lequel je n’avais jamais lu jusqu’à maintenant. Travaillant maintenant presque à temps plein sur le projet MLDB, en C++, gdb est un de mes outils de travail au quotidien. Comme la productivité d’un programmeur dépend largement de la maîtrise de ses outils, j’ai décidé d’y consacrer du temps.

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The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse Book Cover The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse
Norman S. Matloff, Peter Jay Salzman,
No Starch Press

Lecture: Machine Learning in Action

Après un peu plus de 3 années passées chez Datacratic, il était grand temps que je m’intéresse davantage à l’apprentissage machine. C’est le livre Machine Learning in Action que j’ai choisi pour me lancer.

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Machine Learning in Action Book Cover Machine Learning in Action
Peter Harrington
Manning Publications

Provides information on the concepts of machine theory, covering such topics as statistical data processing, data visualization, and forecasting.

Fixing Windows 10 sound issue/noise

For a few months I have been struggling with small sound issues. It’s hard to put words to describe it, but it was like noise/static here and there, more often than not while playing games and rendering 3D.

I tried reinstalling audio drivers but that didn’t fix the issue. Finally, I found a post (to which I lost the link) with the solution.

In Windows 10 power options, I changed the configuration from “balanced” to “performance”.
Win10 customize power plan